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Postcode - EX39 5PU

Basicaly all you need to do is to follow the cheese dairy signs from the A39 at Bucks Cross(opposite the post office) and at the 5th Junction (the stone house) you turn left. But if you need a more detailed route, read on and i will go through it step by step.

At Bucks Cross on the A39 turn LEFT (if you are heading towards Bude) or RIGHT (if you are heading toward Bideford) to follow the signs for Wolfardisworthy and Parkham, then go 0.3 mile. the main road bares to the right you go STRAIGHT on. Keep on this road for 0.3 mile to a cross roads, you go STRAIGHT over. Go along this road for 0.2 mile to a T junction turn LEFT. Go along this road for 0.1 mile turn RIGHT (at the next junction). Go along this road for 0.3 mile (till you see the stone house, Kingsland sign low down), then turn LEFT. Go down this road for 0.9 mile Kingsland Stables are on the RIGHT.

                      Have A Safe Journey

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